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Everyone Choose To Play Their Favorite Job In Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is a great MMORPG, please have a clear mind and remain focused. So many players have gone over this before not too long ago. FFXIV patch 4.1 soon to be come, the patch have become quite predictable, which maybe for some isn't a bad thing, players like a little element of surprise and uncertainty in my MMORPGs. 

When Stormblood drops though, everything is going to be streamlined and in a good way. Yoshida-san and his team is cutting the crust off the sandwich, leaving what's important and adding in new actions and attributes that should get everyone pumped to play their favorite job. 

All healers need to have some kind of status removing ability and all of them cross skill protect because there's no reason not to ever have it up. Everyone is going to have the important stuff that they need to function like the updated Cleric Stance for all healers, and will be getting new more exciting toys. 

Stormblood is captivating and dramatic from the get-go, with a somber narrative that retains the dramatism that has been a hallmark of the franchise. One of the main attractions of Stormblood is the ability for you to swim and dive in the beautiful blue seas dotting Eorzea, Final Fantasy XIV's setting. Are you longing to view more images and news? 

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