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Stormblood Is Set To Be Released For PC And PS4 On June 20

In accordance to Square Enix announced, in the next month, Final Fantasy XIV forthcoming expansion Stormblood to E3. The expansion will be made playable. Furthermore, the attendees will be able to try out the new job actions, and test their mettle against the Lord of Revel, Susano. More latest news, FFXIV4GIL will be sure to update as more information:

Assume that you beat the boss, and you will have chance to get an exclusive t-shirt at the event. According to official news, E3 2017 will run from June 14 to 16. Stormblood itself is set to be released for PC and PS4 on June 20. Unfortunately, the expansion will not be available to PS3 players. If you pre-order the game, you’ll get early access to the game starting on June 16.

Final Fantasy XIV is the top-selling game of 2016 or 2017, clearly, compared to Square’s usual standard, it's a widely successful game, with the next expansion Stormblood soon to be launched, the game is gradually bringing new content, combined with new elements, and Square Enix makes off pre-existing game, as a result of that, Final Fantasy XIV has been attracted more and more users and gamers. As a top one FFXIV Gil supplier, FFXIV4GIL is now growing.

Basically, Final Fantasy XIV global sales, and it has achieved 6 million. Sales of the PlayStation 4 version of Rise of the Tomb Raider which we released in FY2017/3, were also brisk. NieR:Automata, which we released in February, was another earnings contributor, generating sales significantly above our plan.” More details statistic analysis, stay tuned FFXIV4GIL.

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