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FFXIV Has Been Huge Alterations And Multiple Expansions

At present, on Switch and Xbox One, Final Fantasy XIV could yet come to, but, it worth delighting that developer Square Enix confirming that discussions with Nintendo and Microsoft are ongoing. Yoshida emphasize on that he desire to bring the MMORPG to more platforms than PlayStation and PC, and made clear that talks are in progress. For additional information you can also click for source.

From previous until now, Final Fantasy XIV undergone a long-gestating changes, we clearly know that the game has been huge alterations and multiple expansions after its troubled release in 2010. Including the game developer and a great deal of Final Fantasy XIV gamers, they are extremely excited for the huge changes of Final Fantasy XIV. 

In the case of Final Fantasy XIV, the development team is looking to prolong the game’s life even though another installment, albeit an entirely different route altogether, is already available, it will continue to prolong the life of this particular title. We’ll see more of this expansion when Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood gets released on June 20. It will arrive on the PC, Mac, and PS4.

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