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Final Fantasy XIV Will Have A Very Long Lifespan

According to a interview with producer Naoki Yoshida, the Viera is a race of tall women with rabbit ears, previously, it appeared in battle in Final Fantasy XII, along with wear thongs to protect themselves. Now, bunny girls aren’t in Final Fantasy XIV because of high-heel shoes. Source from:

In fact, main reason is that Final Fantasy XIV’s engine struggles to portray character feet in angular footwear, and this has prevented the developer from bringing Viera into the game so far. Nonetheless, in accordance to Yoshihda says, it's not bound to be never happen. 

Director and producer Naoki Yoshida stressed that hope shouldn't be gave up, what this means is that they are hoping Final Fantasy XIV will have a very long lifespan. The Viera wears a very high-heeled shoe and trying to depict that in Final Fantasy XIV is challenging. However, they won’t be able to wear any shoes that exist in Eorzea right now. 

Final Fantasy XIV is a crazy and entertaining gameplay, gamers have higer expectation for Final Fantasy XIV. Especially for the next expansion Stormblood, it's incorporating several elements of the Ivalice universe. In a word, Final Fantasy XIV are facing with the latest expansion, Stormblood. Now, it's time to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

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